Enrolling your child


Age Range

Fees and Billing


The age range is 2½ — under 5 years.

Up to 32 children can attend each morning.

The children are divided into two groups,

Cats (older children), and

Kittens (younger children).

For full details of how age affects group placement at Playgroup please see our Admissions Policy.

Our Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 

9.00am — 12 noon.

We are open during term time only

(up to 38 weeks a year).



Fees and Billing


Our Admissions List is organised in year groups and arranged in order of date of birth. A list is full when it contains the names of 18 children with birthdays between 1st July and 30th June.  

Once a list is full childrens' names will be placed on a Reserve List, in the following order of priority:- 

  • looked-after children,
  • siblings,
  • child's parents on the electoral roll of All Saints Church, Laleham,
  • the date the application was received.

Once you are registered with us Louise Hawthorn will advise you which List your child is waiting in.


Fees and Billing

Fees and Billing

Fees and Billing

For children who are under three at the start of the term the cost is £13 per 3-hour session.

Some families are eligible for Free Early Education for Two-year-olds (FEET) funding, 


Most working families are able to claim an additional 15 hours of free childcare a week.


Children over three at the start of the term who do not have Free Early Years Entitlement (FEE)

are charged at the current FEE rate. 

2018/19: £4.60/hour, £13.80/session.

2019/20: £4.66/hour, £14 per session.

For full details of admissions procedures, fees and billing, and help with child care costs please refer to our Admissions Policy.