Policy and Procedure for Emergency Closure of the Playgroup

Policy and Procedures in the event of an Emergency Closure of the Playgroup

It is our policy to remain open if it is safe for the children, their parents/carers and the staff to do so.

Scenarios when closure/partial closure of the playgroup could occur:

  • Severe weather conditions
  • Damage to the premises or failure of the heating system
  • Staff absence
  • To prevent the spread of an infection/disease including during a Flu Pandemic
  • On Central Government or Local Authority advice


Any decision to close or reopen the playgroup will be the responsibility of the Supervisor, or if they are unavailable, the Deputy Supervisor or failing that the member of staff leading the session at the time the emergency occurs. The decision will be made with reference to Early Years Foundation Stage statutory regulations, Surrey Supporting Children Team and Central/Local Government advice (as applicable).

Parents and staff will be notified of closure and reopening by telephone and/or email and on our Facebook Group page.(Parents will be reminded to update their contact details in termly newsletters).

If the setting has to be closed during a session, the parents or, if they are unavailable, one of their nominated contacts will be telephoned and asked to collect the children. (If the children cannot wait in the building e.g. due to a fire, staff will endeavour to arrange a safe, indoor waiting place, see list of useful numbers overleaf)

The person making the decision to close/reopen the playgroup will inform Surrey Supporting Children team, Ofsted and the All Saints Church PCC (through the Parish Office), see contact details below.

In the event of a partial closure, when only a limited number of places will be available,

priority will be given to:  1. children of parents engaged in priority occupations (as advised by local/national government)

(1. in the event of a Flu Pandemic – children who have recovered from the flu)

2. Kittens in receipt of FEET funding

 3. “Cats” in receipt of Free Early Education for 3 and 4 year olds (FEE)

 4. “Kittens” in receipt of FEE

 5. Children not in receipt of FEE

Parents will be refunded any fees paid for the period of the closure. In the case of partial closure, parents of children who are not offered a place will be refunded any fees paid for sessions that they have not been allowed to attend.

Staff should come into playgroup during the closure unless they are ill, caring for dependants, or authorised to work elsewhere. Staff will be paid at the discretion of the supervisor/treasurer.

If the playgroup has been closed because of a flu pandemic, or other illness, the setting (including toys, games, apparatus etc) will be deep cleaned before reopening.


The policy was adopted by Laleham Church Playgroup at a meeting on.....................

Signed on behalf of Laleham Church Playgroup...........................................

Surrey Supporting Children Team : 01372 833833

email: SectorNE@surreycc.gov.uk


Parish Office: 01784 441160

Ofsted: 0300 123 1231

Useful Contacts

The Parish Office (Monday, Wednesday + Friday am)   01784 441160

Laleham Village Hall (Mavis Duncan)    01784 469059

Laleham Primary School    01784 453556 or 01784 464593

Laleham Vicarage      01784 455524