Emergency Lock down Procedure

Emergency Lock down procedure

There are some occasions when it may be necessary to keep the children inside the Youth Centre building for their safety, for example:-

  • needing to shelter from the fumes given off by a hazardous material spill or fire during an incident in the local area,
  • a threatening person or dangerous animal roaming the in the vicinity.
  • personnel, students, volunteers or staff from within the setting become a threat to the well-being of others.

Practices and Procedure

The advice of the Police and emergency services will be followed at all times.

All staff are made aware of the need to be vigilant and if they see, or are notified by an outside agency of something which is likely to cause harm, they are to immediately shout “LOCK DOWN, LOCK DOWN, LOCK DOWN” so that everyone can hear, alerting staff outside by opening the door and shouting the alarm call.

We will then follow the CLOSE procedure:-

Close all windows, doors, curtains and blinds

Lock up

Out of sight and minimise movement

Stay silent and avoid drawing any attention

Endure. Be aware that you may be in lockdown for some time.

1. A partial lockdown is a precaution aimed to keep children and staff safe while remaining indoors. This may be as a result of a reported incident/civil disturbance in the local community with the potential to pose a risk to children and staff in the setting. It may also be as a result of a warning being received regarding the risk of air pollution, etc. In a partial lockdown staff and children should remain in the building and all doors leading outside should be locked. No-one should be allowed to enter or leave the building; however the setting can continue as usual.

What usually happens during partial lockdown?

·  As soon as the potential external hazard is recognized the member of staff immediately alerts the rest of the staff team (by shouting “LOCK DOWN” repeatedly) to bring all the children indoors. All outside activity must cease immediately and children and staff return to building

·  On giving or hearing the lockdown signal the Manager/Deputy/Session Leader will call for assistance – 999 or 101 Surrey Police

·. External doors are locked; all windows closed and the curtains drawn.

· Free movement may be permitted within the building dependent upon circumstances

· In the event of an air pollution or chemical, biological or radiological contaminants issue  - air vents, fans, and heating systems should be closed or turned off.

- seal up all the cracks around doors and any vents into the room – aim to minimise possible access points of pollutants.

·  The advice of police/emergency services will be followed at all times as to when it is safe to leave the building or if the situation has escalated and a full lock down needs to be implemented.

·  Keep parents informed by text/email/facebook group message (see suggested text below)

2. Full lockdown

This signifies an immediate threat to the setting and may be an escalation of a partial lockdown.

The following steps provide guidelines for staff, students and visitors in an emergency situation:

·  On giving or hearing the lockdown signal (shouting “LOCK DOWN” repeatedly) the Manager/Deputy/Session Leader will call for assistance – 999 or 101 Surrey Police

·  Staff outside will immediately bring children inside.

·  Cats’ Staff and observer will ensure all external doors are locked, windows are closed  and draw the curtains on all windows

·  Kittens’ staff move all the children to store room and instruct the children to sit on the floor, and immediately do a head count.  Keep the children calm.

·  Session Leader collects Leader’s box (contains register and contact details) & mobile phone basket and takes them into store room and bolts door.

·  Take register of children and adults on the premises to ensure everyone is accounted for.

·  Supervise, ensuring everyone remains out of sight and sitting quietly

·  No-one should be allowed out of the room during a lockdown procedure

·  On being told to do so by the police- text message parents to notify them of the incident using this wording-

Laleham Church Playgroup-  due to an incident we have been advised by the emergency services to secure the premises and stay put until we are given the ‘all clear’. Please do not attempt to collect your child until it is safe to do so. We will let you know as soon as we are able when that is likely to be.

We need to keep our telephone lines clear to get information from the emergency services and would appreciate your cooperation in not calling unless it is absolutely vital that you speak to us.”

  • Staff must comply with instructions given by the emergency services at all times.
  • Remain in lockdown until the all-clear has been given by the police or emergency services.

If a group of children are on a mini-outing when a Lock Down is called, the session leader will telephone the supervising staff and tell them not to return to playgroup but to seek shelter at a safe location e.g. the Vicarage or Laleham Primary School, and await further instructions.

Staff will practise this procedure termly during a staff meeting. We will not practise with the children as we feel this could cause them undue stress.

Following a Lock Down event

·  Fill in a “Significant Occurrence Record” form kept in the Significant Occurrence file.

·  Inform Ofsted (0300 123 1231) and Surrey Supporting Children Team (01372 833833)

·  Write to parents telling them about the incident and the steps taken by the setting

·  Cooperate with police, or other agencies, investigation into the incident.

The procedure was adopted by Laleham Church Playgroup at a meeting on......12th October 2018

Signed on behalf of Laleham Church Playgroup..........................................